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Podcast Like It's 1999

Jan 16, 2019

Erin La Rosa (Netflix social media) came back to the podcast for her second Brendan Fraser-Hugh Wilson film. She thought she was just there to talk Fraser, but she never could have anticipated what awaited her.

When people talk about the best twists of 1999, they’ll mention The Sixth Sense or The Matrix. Perhaps the more artsy of us will ride for eXistenZ. And maybe those who don’t understand twists will stan for, I don’t know, The Bone Collector?

But the biggest twist of all is that this movie about a simple Canadian Mountie and his flatulent horse named Horse based on a little-loved cartoon is not only good, it’s great!

Listen to this episode to find out if this write up was itself a twist as well and it’s really as bad as you think.