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Podcast Like It's 1999

May 22, 2019

PHILLIP ISCOVE (co-host, “Podcast Like it’s 1999): It was really just supposed to be another episode, not unlike the 75 or so we had previously done. 

KENNY NEIBART (co-host, “Podcast Like it’s 1999”): But something was different that day. Something in the air. 

ERNIE HURTADO (producer, “Podcast Like It’s 1999”): That was the just the airplanes. 

NEIBART: Aside from the airplanes. Something else. A certain je ne se quois. 

WHITNEY FRIEDLANDER (entertainment journalist, guest “Podcast Like it’s 1999”): I think what Kenny is referring to is squeezing a non-problematic podcast from this very problematic movie.

ISCOVE: Yes! We somehow avoided being problematic while talking about Woody Allen. 

NEIBART: I don’t know if I’d say we were completely without controversy. What about the part where you defended Woody’s behavior?

ISCOVE: I never defended Woody’s behavior! 

FRIEDLANDER: I don’t think any of us defended him. 

NEIBART (smirking): Phil did. 

ISCOVE (steam rising): I did no such thing! 


HURTADO: I don’t know. He may have when one of those 15 planes flew over. 


ISCOVE: I never defended him! Stop putting that out there! 

NEIBART: I guess our listeners will have to listen to the entire episode to find out.

FRIEDLANDER: This got real weird, real fast.


ISCOVE: I didn’t defend him.