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Podcast Like It's 1999

Mar 21, 2018

From the deranged mind of David Lynch, comes 1999's... sweetest movie? Based on a true story of an -- is this right? -- elderly man who rides a tractor to visit his dying brother... what? This dude did Blue Velvet! 

Wait. What is this? This movie got a damn G rating? And was produced by Disney? Is this a joke? 

We could have gotten Eraserhead! Wild at Heart! Even Dune would have been fun! But 1999's David Freakin Lynch movie is The Straight Story...

And, oh yeah, it's actually great! Join Phil, Kenny and special guest Simon Ennis as they discuss the film Lynch has called his "most experimental," as well as the entire oeuvre of one of America's finest, and wildest, filmmakers.