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Podcast Like It's 1999

Jul 25, 2018

Phil and Kenny are joined by "Sleepy Hollow" star Tom Mison to discuss and dissect "Cruel Intentions." 
"Cruel Intentions," if you're not familiar, is your classic story of Boy meets Girl. Girl happens to be his Step-Sister. Boy falls in love. Girl offers a quid-pro-quo. Boy destroys the reputation of Another Girl. In exchange, Boy get to have sex with Girl. During speculative sex, Boy is told he can put it wherever he wants. Girl, may I remind you, his Boy's Step-Sister. Girl kisses Another Other Girl, who's reputation Boy also has to destroy. Boy kinda maybe rapes Another Other Girl. Boy concurrently falls in love with Another Girl, while falling out of love with Girl, who, may I remind you, happens to be Boy's Step-Sister. In the process, Boy turns down the opportunity to put it anywhere in the Girl, who, may I remind you, just so happens to be Boy's Step-Sister. Boy breaks up with Another Girl precisely because he fell in love with her. Boy dies. Girl subsequently is exposed and humiliated by Another Girl, all set to "Bittersweet Symphony." 
You know, that old chestnut.