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Podcast Like It's 1999

Sep 5, 2018

And then they were down to three contestants in the Mr. Podcast Like its 1999 pageant: Phil Iscove, Kenny Neibart and Jarett Wieselman (Netflix Social). With all three men tied, it would come down to their answers in the interview portion. 
Phil went first and his question was: "If you were stuck on a desert island, what one movie from 1999 would you take with you and why is it Drop Dead Gorgeous?" But Phil protested that it would actually be either Magnolia, The Straight Story or Toy Story 2 - depending upon who was asking the question - and was eliminated from competition. 
Kenny was up next and was asked: "Which character from Drop Dead Gorgeous do you most relate to?" But when Kenny responded it was Denise Richard's character Becky Ann Leeman, the booing and hissing was so loud it drowned out the remainder of his answer and he was awarded zero points. 
Finally, Jarett was asked: "Why isn't Drop Dead Gorgeous available on any streaming service in the world?" Jarett went into a violent rage and murdered everyone as a homage to Drop Dead Gorgeous, leaving the judges no choice but to award Mr. Podcast Like It's 1999 to... Kirsten Dunst!