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Podcast Like It's 1999

Oct 10, 2018

This podcast started as a bet. Could Phil and Kenny take any guest and turn him into the Podcasting King? After rejecting a few deeper-voiced possibilities, they settled on David Iserson, who had glasses.

David proved to be more than meets the eye, however, when he shrewdly chose the film “She’s All That,” an oft-requested classic of the teen genre, as his movie.

David proceeded to wow the boys with his podcasting bona fides. Turns out, he’s a seasoned writer - features and TV, comedy and drama - making him highly desirable to podcasts ranging from Scriptnotes to WTF to the one where Doug Benson gets high. He’s also full of podcast-able tidbits like, did you know he had a She’s All That poster in his college dorm room? And that it was in French?!

But the only way to prove that David is the new podcasting king of the internet is if this episode gets more download than any before it. Can David do it? Can Phil and Kenny do it? Or will love get in the way?

Download to find out!