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Podcast Like It's 1999

Nov 14, 2018

Kenny and Phil are not your average podcasters. Most podcasters look at humanity and see a small sliver who can podcast at even a remedial level. But not Kenny and Phil. They believe that podcasting comes from within... that it comes from the heart. 
So, it was with that spirit, that they invited Melissa Lora and Corinne Stikeman - two podcast guests with a scant four guest episodes of experience between them - on to the podcast.
But Phil and Kenny did not take it easy on Melissa and Corinne. They could have started slow, with a rip-roaring crowd-pleaser like "The Mummy" or a meaty hunk of podcast fodder-beef like "Wild Wild West," but, instead, Melissa and Corinne were forced to come up with 90-120 minutes of aural delight about the Violins-in-East-Harlem, Meryl Streep-vehicle, "Music of the Heart." 
We can hear you shudder. How can two novices, two amateurs, two rookies spin such a plain, boring, rote film into podcast gold? 
Well. Take a listen. You won't believe your ears. As long, that is, as you listen with your heart.